Why Transmedia Africa?

Given the considerable growth in bandwidth now available on the African continent and our unique and considerable experience in the technical, creative, logistical and business side of this intricate and complex sector, and further given the considerable growth expected in the next decade in the market space in Africa, African transmedia pioneer Marc Schwinges has formed Transmedia Africa in 2013 to fill the growing consulting needs in this area. 

The traditional way of thinking about an entertainment brand and media actually reduces audience experience when engaging in a particular entertainment property. The objective is to, with careful planning, attain a stronger or euphoric audience experience. To build such an experience in a digital world, one needs to plan from the creation of the experience and then continue the management to ensure the sum of the parts is actually greater than the individual parts assembled. Transmedia Africa aims to assist clients in many areas of doing things the new way, the Transmedia way.



Potential clients for Transmedia Africa include, but are not limited to:

1. African Broadcasters,  who wish to expand their audience reach and enter the online ,mobile or other multi-medium spaces, gain more audience insight, create interactive extensions to their properties, maximise their advertising revenue, and come up with new ways to create not only channel loyalty, but also drive audiences in a loop between the components of the lead entertainment brands they run, and thus create space fillers in the audience needs for ongoing engagement with their chosen individual entertainment preferences.

2. International Broadcasters, who wish to expand their properties and brands into the same spaces described above, and to look at targeted geo-specific advertising extensions to their advertising sales opportunities. Additionally the IP based delivery platforms provide a unique opportunity for broadcasters to offer cost effective and less regulated content delivery to a much larger potential audience, while still allowing specific scheduling in multiple areas per demographic needs of the applicable audience.


3. African Mobile and Internet Providers, wishing to maximise bandwidth uptake in Africa or create exclusive and differentiating offerings. Explore new ways to monetise on bandwidth and advertising or pay per view content, and gain market share, with the differentiator of choice, great content maximised to reach multiple “audience engagement points”.

4. Producers and creators of content targeted to especially an African or diaspora market. To help expand their content creation to multiple engagements points with their audience. To expand their thinking, knowledge, experience and finance strategies for content, build innovative partnerships, and help them recognise the changing face of production in this decade.

5. Governments and government departments including regulatory bodies need to build strategies to act as enablers in making all of the above a reality and in so doing build a connected nation of more enlightened and happier citizens, while creating exposure via the various enhanced media, with often a global reach, and thus driving global interest and investment for the applicable country. Technology, media, trade and tourism all come together here to maximise investment with an unparalleled economic multiplier effect.

6. Academic Institutions, Civil Society and NGO’s, interested in the effect of media engagement in its various forms, on multiple media on its intended audiences. The psychology of the audience in this space, measuring results, positive and negative affects from a human and economic point of view. How to build a strategy for engagement or intervention on these issues?

7. All of the above for strategies to develop required content, and create new business models to share in initial investment, risk and upside with other finance sources. Create new partnerships and strengthen positions, even across geographic and language barriers.


Ultimately Transmedia Africa, beyond its academic credentials, combines an unprecedented practical knowledge of the film, television and transmedia production sector, broadcast television, on-line and mobile industries, audience engagement psychology and development strategy, regulatory, legal and advocacy initiatives in multiple African countries.